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 Romanized spellings are widely varied from site to site. So these may be slightly different than another spelling you may have seen.  Click on the name to see pictures!

Advisor Black- Second in command of the Red Ribbon Army, Advisor Black helps Commander Red collect Dragon balls under the assumption that Red is going to wish for world domination. Upon learning that Red plans to wish to become taller, Black shoots him and takes over the army. His coup is short-lived, however, as Goku kills him and destroys the terrorist organization.

Aerobics Woman- Watched by  Master Roshi, Oolong, and sometimes by Yamacha on television daily.

After-Life Martial Arts Tournament Announcer- Announcer for the afterlife tournament in which Goku competes soon after the Cell Games. He has a mushroom like head.

Agent Purple- A martial-arts master and pervert, Agent Purple is defeated by Goku in Muscle Tower.

Agent Purple's Brothers- Brothers of Purple, they are called upon to assist in killing Goku. Each had a weapon more lethal than the fighter proceeding him.

Akane Kimidori- Appearing in the Dr slump/Dragonball crossover, Akane Kimidori is a tomboyish main character of Dr. Slump.

Akira Toriyama- Making random appearances in the manga series, Akira Toriyama expressed himself as a robot-like character.

Akkuman- The forth and final fighter of Uranai Baba, Akkuman had a devilish appearance. He should have been able to kill Goku with ease; however, Goku possessed no evil within him, making him immune to to Akkuman's technique of destroying people by awakening their inner evil.

Alien Dinosaur- Giant dinosaur that Goku and the others encounter in their search for the black-star dragon balls. He eats a dragon ball by mistake. Not wanting to wait for the dinosaur to digest the ball, Goku flies in the mouth of the dinosaur and down to the stomach. Finding the dragon ball, Goku forces his way out of the dinosaurs stomach, creating a hole that cause the dinosaur to deflate and shrink. Bandaging up the dinosaur, Goku apologizes.

Amondo- Taurus's henchman in the third Drangon Ball Z movie, Amondo is killed by Goku.

Android 8- A monster-looking robot, Android 8 is ordered to kill the young Goku after he tries to defeat the Red Ribbon Army. Because he doesn't like to fight, Android 8 refuses and teams up with the young Saiyan. After the army's defeat, he goes to live a peaceful life with Snow.

Android 13- Created by one of Dr. Gero's supercomputers, Android 13 was designed to kill Goku. After Dr. Gero died, the computer built upon its hatred and created three androids sent to kill Goku in the seventh movie. After Androids 14 and 15 were destroyed, Android 13 assembled various parts from them to transform himself into Super 13. After creating a giant Genki Dama and turning Super Saiyan again, Goku was able to win the fight.

Android 14- Created from Dr. Gero's hatred for Goku, Android 14 was big and gray. Immensly powerful, Android fought against Trunks and was winning until Trunks transformed into a Super Saiyan and killed him with his sword.

Android 15- Short and blue, ANdroid 15 was created by Dr. Gero's computer for the sole pupose of killing Goku. Helping android 14 with his fight against Trunks, Android 15 was told to take care of Vegeta once he arrived. Although he initially gavee Vegeta a run for his money, he was no match for the Saiyan prince after he turned into a Super Saiyan.

Android #16- 16 doesn't fight any of the Z Fighters during the whole time he was "alive" because he was programmed strictly to kill Goku. Cell killed him but he was put back together by Bulma and her father. After that he was 'good' but when he went to use his self destruct bomb on Cell  but couldn't because Bulma and her father had taken it out. Cell once again had shattered him leaving only his head. His final words were encouragement for Gohan to use his hidden powers.

Android #17- Android 17 a.k.a. Juunanagou is one of Dr. Geros many creations. Him and his twin sister Android 18 were originally humans. He's very powerful. He's always looking for something fun to do instead of what he's supposed to. He was the first to be sucked up by Cell. After Cell was defeated, all his victims were wished back with the Dragonballs, including 17 and 18. In DBGT he fuses with Artificial Android 17 to become Super 17. Once again he kills his creator.

Android #18- Android 18 a.k.a. Juunachigou is another of the many creations of Dr. Gero. She was also originally a human just like her twin brother 17. 18 seems incapable of having human feelings. Cell needed the power of 17 and 18 in order to achieve perfection. He eventually became the 'Perfect Cell' after he absorbed 18. During the Buu era, 18 got married to Krillin and had a daughter. Who they named Marron.

Android #19- 19 is the weakest android (except for Dr. Gero who the actually the weakest) but he can absorb energy through his palms. He and Android 20 were the first ones to look for Goku. When the Z fighters found these androids they thought they were the ones Trunks had told them about but they were not. When 19 almost killed Goku, Vegeta stepped in because he feals it is his right to kill Goku. 19 was eventually killed by Vegeta.

Android #20/Dr. Gero- Dr. Gero thought he was too weak (he actually was) so he turned himself into an android. He was killed by 17. Then during DBGT he is killed again by Super 17.

Aoi Kimidori-
Arale Norimaki-
Aruhuan/Aruhuajin Atla/Atora-
Baba/Unanai Baba-
Babi-dee's Subordinate Staff-
Bank Robbers-

Bardock- Bardock is the father of Goku and Radditz. While he was on the planet Kanassa he acquired the ability to see into the future. After seeing that the Planet Vegeta was going to be destroyed by Frieza, he tried to kill Frieza, but failed. His last words to his son (Goku) werer to kill Frieza so that he would die by the hands of a Saiyan.

Barry Kahn-
Bartender A-
Bartender B-
Battle Robot-
Bear Theif-
Bio Warriors-
Black Star Shenron-
Blue's Group Leader-
Big Ghetti Star-
Bio Brolly/Bio Burori-
Bio Men-
Blind Boy-
Bon Para, Son Para, Ron Para-
Boss Rabbit-

Bra- Bra is Vegeta and Bulma's second child.She doesn't have much of a role in either DBZ or DBGT. She looked just like Bulma when she was younger.

Brolly- Brolly was born with a power level of 10,000. He has hated Goku since he was a child because as a child Goku had made him cry.

Budokai Announcer-
Bulma- Bulma is one of the series most important characters. She has created many inventions used by the Z fighters, such as the Dragon Radar. Bulma is the future wife of Vegeta. She has two children, Trunks and Bra.
Bus Hijackers-
Buu- Buu is the strongest and the last villain in DBZ. He was created from amgic by Bibi-Dee. He undergoes 6 transformations during the Buu Saga. Goku eventually killed him.