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 Romanized spellings are widely varied from site to site. So these may be slightly different than another spelling you may have seen.  Click on the name to see pictures!

Gajira Norimaki
Garlic Jr.- Garlic Jr. has tried many times to become the guardian of the earth but has failed.  During ther first movie he was sent ot the dead zone by Gohan. Between the Frieza Saga and the Android Saga to take revenge on Goku and Gohan by turning everyone into zombies. He failed once again.
General Silver
Ginger Town's Prominent Rich Man
Giran's Townspeople
Ghost Usher
Gogeta- Goku and Vegeta fused. He is very powerful, though Vegeto is stronger.

Gohan- Gohan is Goku and Chi Chi's  first son. Gohan is great at studing and at fighting. After the battle against Radditz, Piccolo takes him to train for the arrival of the other Saiyans. Most of Gohan's power comes from anger. After defeating Cell he stopped training to study and go to high school. When Buu appeared though, he went to fight him.

Goku- Goku is the main character in DB, DBZ, and DBGT. Goku is the strongest and he also the most abilities. He married Chi Chi and had Gohan and Goten. Goku made it to ssj 3 in DBZ and to ssj 4 in DBGT. During GT he is turned back into a kid by the black star dragon balls. It is unknown if Goku ever died because in the last episode of GT he merged with Shenron.
Goku Jr.
Goten- Goten is Goku and Chi Chi's second son. When Goten was six he could already turn into a Super Saiyan. Goten's best friend is Trunks probably because they're the only ones who can play with each other and not hurt each other. When Buu appears Vegeta and Gohan can not defeat him so Goten is now the last hope. He and Trunks train and master the fusion technique. In GT he is constantly worrying about dates and he no longer focuses on fighting.

Gotenks- Goten and Trunks fused. His two special attacks are the Super Ghost Kamikaze and the Shine Shine Missle. He almost defeated Buu but the fusion wore off because he didn't go ssj 3.
Grand Kai/Dai Kaio
Grandma Hakkake
Grandma Paozu
Grandpa Gohan
Great Elder
Great OCtopus
Great Saiyaman
Great Saiyaman 2
GT Tenkaichi Budoukai Announcer
Guard Man
Guidance Robot
Guru/Senoir Elder
Hand-Ax-Wielding Man
Head Guard
Heijji, Hogu and Rii
Hercule's/Mr. Satan's Fan Club
Hikui Bird
Hospital Boy
HTV's Woman Interviewer
Huge Fish
Human Gunman
Human Gunman's Associate